Friday, October 15, 2010

The Race Card

A friend linked an article about how a local Republican Party chair in South Florida has accused Democrats of racism because they are supporting Governor Crist (independent, a white guy) over Meek (Democrat, a black guy) in the US Senate race against Rubio (Republican, a Hispanic guy). Democrats are crying foul and saying they support Crist because he can win.

Bogus claims of racism look just as stoopid coming from Republicans as they do from Democrats. Assuming the Democrats nominated a candidate who represented the ideals of their party, wouldn't it be better to point out the absolute lack of principle or conviction on the part of Democrats supporting an independent because they "simply believe the governor can beat (the) GOP candidate." No, instead the chairman has devolved into slurs and name calling. This is petty and demeaning and betrays the higher principle we should expect from leaders. It is amateurish.

The race card is like the joker. It's still in the deck, but serious players don't have any use for it.


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