Saturday, October 02, 2010

How the Left Really Views Diversity

The left, the AGW crowd, enviro-fascists, commies...

In Russian the word "наш" (nash) literally means "ours." But they use it to mean "one of us." The opposite, "не наш," (ne nash) or "not one of us" has much much more meaning than it does in English. To say, 'He is not one of us' (он не наш) not only indicates an "other," it implies a degree of animosity not present in English, closer to the concept of "friend or foe."

This mindset was perfected by the Stalinists, shared by the fascists, and has been broadly adopted by the modern left and the AGW crowd in particular. It seems so normal to them, that when they embarked on their latest campaign to bring people along, they explicitly and graphically showed how they view "others."

When confornted with someone different, they ask the question, "What shall we do with him?" The answer is a shrug of the shoulders and the reply, 'He is not one of us.' Oн не наш.  That is all the thugs and murderers need to know.  'He is not one of us.' Oн не наш.

They are not really about peace, Gaia, or save the seals. It's about conformity and control. Get with the program.

No pressure.


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