Sunday, October 19, 2008

Southern, Racial, Manners, or Just Me?

There's a report today about Obama campaigning in a "white" BBQ place in North Carolina today, choosing it over the "black" BBQ place a few doors down.

"But some of the other older white diners looked surprised and slightly uncomfortable as Obama stopped at their tables to shake hands....

The writer implies that the discomfort is because Obama is Black.

May I suggest something else? When I'm eating BBQ, whether it's ribs or a pulled pork sandwich, I'm eating with my hands. I wash them before eating. Then while I'm eating may put them in my mouth. I will NOT offer them to someone who stops by the table, and conversely, when if I see someone I know and stop by their table to visit, I don't offer to shake hands. In my book, it's impolite.

So if some guy from Chicago shows up wanting to shake hands while I'm eating ribs, yes, I would feel "slightly uncomfortable" too.

It's not race. It's manners.


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