Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Live Bloggin the Debate


Actually last time it wasn't that much fun...

to MC Why is ur plan better?

MC: Greed on Wall Street and DC. Catalyst was Fannie and Freddie. We must reverse decline in home ownership. 300 billion to homeowners.


OB: Plan MC and I supported is working. Bad CEOs. I have plan for middle class. No tax breaks for companies, tax cuts for people. No IRA penalty. MC plan is bad.

Commie Obammie speaks more clearly

MC: relates plumber encounter. Want;s to help plumber Joe get his businesses.

MCCain is incoherent


OB: MC wants taks breaks for Big Bad Oil. Taks the rich. Taks breaks for everyone.

MC: Attacks on "spread the wealth." Good conservative, but MC doesn't sound committed.

OB: Warren Buffet my friend can pay more. So can Big Oil. Middle class needs a break. Somebody's gotta pay.

MC (interupts) Let's not increase taxes on anyone.

To Obama: Deficit spending? Ur cost is 200 Billion in the red. What will u cut?

OB Taxpayers will get their money back from bailout. I propose more taxes to pay for all spending my increase. We need to invest.

Where in the Constitution does it give the federal government power to invest?

MC: My home buying plan is the same thing Hillary proposed.
That's comforting
MC is energized now.

Kill marketing assistance and subsidies for ethanol, end tariffs on Brazilian sugar for ethanol. Kill earmarks. Cut out all the pork.
OB: Says have to focus on the programs that work. Earmarks are tiny
OB is gittin shaky. MC should keep attackin.
OB links MC to Bush...
MC: I'm not Bush, if you wanted to run against Bush, u shoulda done it four years ago. Obama voted for more money than Bush wanted. Who have u stood up against.
OB: I was against tort reform, I have a history of reaching across the aisle.
OB is still shaking... MC should attack again
OB: U want 8 more years of Bush economic policies
MC: I have opposed my party lots. Ur argument isn't convincing
MC not winnin' points with the base tonight... he's going for broke
Questions: U guys are getting nasty. Will u say it here?
MC: OB said no to town hall meetings. I regret some negative turns, especially when Congressman Lewis called me and Sarah bombers. and OB didn't repudiate it. OB has spent more money on negative ads than any one ever.
MC: U lied to the American people.
OB: Waa, John, all ur ads are negative. 527's are making tough accusations. Attack me for four weeks, I don't mind, but we can't do 4 more years of Bush.
MC: Ur running ads that misstate my position and spending huge dollars to attack me.

OB: is now defending Lewis...he probably went over the line. American people are cynical about politics.

MC: I won't stand for you criticizing the people at my rallies. I repudiate it. U don't.

OB is back to his talking points. I think he's shaken. He's saying we should debate
MC: What is Obama's relationship with Ayers, he gave 800k to ACORN.

OB: Ayers was on a board with me and other people. Ayers isn't involved in my campaign. ACORN is a community organization. Had nothing to do with us. I represented them along with USDOJ. My associates are... blah...
Obama was ready for this attack _ scores
MC: responds... OB looks smug

Who u bring in Government, tell me about Joe:
OB: Best foreign policy credentials. Working Joe.

Welll I think I'm gonna see what milblogs are doing...


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