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On Memorial Day we remember those Navy cryptologists who fell in the line of duty.  (Links UPDATED 2021)  

CTIC Shannon M. Kent was killed while supporting CJTF-Operation Inherent Resolve, in Manbij, Syria, Jan 16, 2019. 
 CTR1(EXW) Michael J. Strange, August 6, 2011.  Wardak province, Afghanistan, of wounds suffered when the CH-47 Chinook helicopter in which he was riding was shot down.

CTTC (IDW/SW) Christian Michael Pike, March 10, 2013, combat operations Maiwand District, Afghanistan

SGT Lucas T. Pyeatt, USMC, Afghanistan, February 5, 2011

CTRCS(SW/FMF) McLendon, Sept. 21, 2010 combat operations in the Zabul province, Afghanistan.

CTM3 Matthew J. Bryant, Islamabad, Sept 20, 2008.

CTT1 Steven Phillip Daugherty, Baghdad, July 6, 2007

CTI3 Patrick Price and CTI3 Craig Rudolph lost in the EA-3B off the USS Nimitz, Jan 25, 1987

Sgt Robert Hrisoulis, USMC Vietnam 21 Jan 1971

Lost in the C2 crash off Vietnam December 12, 1971
CT03 James M. Coon, USN 
CTISN John M. Deremigio, USN 
CTO1 Donald E. Dickerson, USN 
CTOSN Stephen H. Elliott, USN 
CTRI Walter R. Woods, Jr., USN 
CTM2 Gregory K. Zeller, USN 

CH46 Crash in Vietnam 28 Dec 1969
CTC Robert S. Gates, USN 
MgySgt Edward R. Storm, USMC 

CH46 Crash, Quang Nam, Vietnam 10 March 1970
Sgt Larry W. Duke, USMC 

The EC-121 shot down by the North Koreans on April 15, 1969.
CT3 Gary R. Ducharme, USN 
CT3 John A. Miller, USN 
CTI John H. Potts, USN 
CTC Frederick A. Randall, USN 
CTC Richard E. Smith, USN 
CT3 Philip D. Sundby, USN 
LT Robert F. Taylor, USN 
CT2 Stephen J. Tesmer, USN 
SSgt Hugh M. Lynch, USMC 

Operation Union II, Quang Tin, South Vietnam 26 May 1968 
Maj James W. Ayers, USMC 

USS Pueblo attacked and captured by North Koreans 
FN Duane D. Hodges, USN 23 Jan 1968

Near Quang Tri, Vietnam
Cpl Stephen L. Traughber, USMC 10 Sep 1967

The attack on the USS Liberty by the Israelis on June 8, 1967 
CT3 William B. Allenbaugh, USN 
LCDR Philip M. Armstrong, Jr. USN 
SN Gary R. Blanchard, USN 
SN Francis Brown, USN 
CT2 Ronnie J. Campbell, USN 
CT3 Jerry L. Converse, USN 
CT2 Robert B. Eisenberg, USN 
CT3 Jerry L. Goss, USN 
CTI Curtis A. Graves, USN 
CTSN Lawrence P. Hayden, USN 
CTI Warren E. Hersey, USN 
CTSN Alan Higgins, USN 
SN Carl L. Hoar, USN 
CT2 Richard W. Keene, Jr., USN 
CTSN James L. Lenau, USN 
CTC Raymond E. Linn, USN 
CTI James M. Lupton, USN 
CT3 Duane R. Marggraf, USN 
CTSN David W. Marlborough, USN 
CT2 Anthony P. Mendle, USN 
CTSN Carl C. Nygren, USN 
LT James C. Pierce, USN 
ICFN David Skolak, USN 
CTI John C. Smith, Jr., USN 
CTC Melvin D. Smith, USN 
PC2 John C. Spicher, USN 
GMG3 Alexander N. Thompson, Jr., USN 
CT3 Thomas R. Thornton, USN 
CT3 Philippe C. Tiedtke, USN 
LT Stephen S. Toth, USN 
CTI Frederick J. Walton, USN 
Sgt Jack L. Raper, USMC 
Cpl Edward E. Rehmeyer, USMC 
Allen M. Blue, NSA 

Quang Nam, Vietnam January 30, 1968
SSgt Alfred T. Dwyer, USMC 

The Kami Seya fire on September 24, 1965
CTSA Roger W. Alex, USN 
CTASA William E. Briley, USN 
CTSN Wilfred D. Cordell, USN 
CTSN Dennis E. Etzweiler, USN 
CT3 Archie R. Garofalo, USN 
CTSA John D. House, USN 
LTJG Ernest D. Moody, USN 
CT3 Wayne E. Tower, USN 
CTSN James K. Whitman, USN 
CT3 Gregory S. Williams, USN 

LCPI Richard E. McKown, USMC 
Sgt Paul C. Rodrigues, USMC 

Shot down off the coast of the Soviet Union April 8, 1950
CT3 Edward Purcell, April 8, 1950

"They Served in Silence"

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