Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The President is Angry Again

Ron Fournier has written a National Journal report of today's defeat of some gun control legislation.

I was reading it all the way through an thinking about writing a post to respond to some of his assertions.  He blames the Senate Republican and the NRA, but almost gets it right, when he writes "It’s hard to overcome challenges that are inherent. While polls show broad support for background checks, they also show a deep distrust of Obama among conservative voters, particularly in red states. Democratic Sen. Mark Pryor’s supporters will tell you the only thing more dangerous than backing gun control in Arkansas is backing Obama—on anything"  But misses that most "conservative voters" would support the President if he would simply take a position that they could support.  It's not personal with us.  Really.  Why is that so hard to believe?

I could go on... but the point of this post is that today, April 17, 2013, our angry President is back.

He hadn't been seen for a while.  I don't know whether that because it wasn't reported or if the President has had his emotions in control for the past four years.   But I'll make my original point again.

"Doesn't sound very cool to me. I never before thought of the implications of having an angry President. Not comforting."


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