Friday, January 08, 2010

Tea Party Pizza Party Republican Party

In an article in National Review, Jonah Goldberg describes the political fortunes of the Republican Party by comparing their potential for turnaround with Domino's Pizza.
"..the GOP’s troubles over the last decade have a lot to do with the fact that Americans didn’t stop liking what the Republican party is supposed to deliver. They stopped liking what the GOP actually delivered."

It has been the source of constant frustration for me reading the fund-raising letters sent from the GOP. My reaction is, "They don't get it." I'm not as concerned about stopping the Democrats or winning back the house as I am about being able to support something that shares my values.

The Republicans aren't my team. I am not "a Republican." I am a libertarian who would like less government interference in the day to day lives of Americans. The party talking about doing that is the one that will get my support.


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