Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Pirates. Lots of 'em.
(or Where the hell is my Navy and What have you done with it?)

Pirates are much in the news nowadays. Lex had a post that made me wonder, what ever happened to Sea Lines of Communication? Defending and protecting the SLOC was what the Navy I belonged to was all about.

What's the latest thinking? Google and Dogpile didn't have much, so thought I'd check out the Navy.mil site.

I search on "defend SLOC" and look.

One hit? One hit? And it's an article from ten years ago. That can't be right.
Maybe the search engine on the site doesn't work. For comparison, let's try another term, say "new uniforms."

Geez. Our Navy doesn't talk about SLOC any more? WTF over.

Like I said at the top. Where is the hell my Navy and what have you done with it?


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