Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Some Sad Stuff at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

Okay, I'll admit to engaging in a bit of pop culture entertainment this week. I'm sorry I did.

I left after watching about half the Victoria's Secret fashion show. It was after the Spice Girls thing. That was painful and sad. They are certainly not girls anymore. 30-something skanks singing mediocre pop tunes.
Who are these women trying to appeal to?
Younger people don't remember them, and their music isn't good enough to attract the ipod generation.
Middle aged people do remember, but may also remember how tiresome they became as they quickly faded. (I remember how they got booed in Spain in the mid 90's)
Older people probably never cared.
I'm not sure what the deal was with the military - Andrews Sisteresque costume theme either. Will they going on a USO tour? Maybe they'll find an audience there among 30-something Chiefs, First Sergeants, and Majors. Then again, maybe not. Many of the guys I know that age are beyond the sleaze already.
Maybe the Spice girls should just grow up.


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