Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Zero Tolerance is Dead

CDR Salamander has a post about a football star at the Naval Academy who popped positive and has been allowed to stay in the Navy.

This makes me sick.

I remember a DRB for one young Sailor who popped positive when I was a CMC back in the 1990's. The guy was almost in tears, knew the consequences, and said, "Master Chief, I'm sorry, all I want is a second chance."

You know what I had to tell him? "You can have a second chance, just not in the Navy."

That sucked. Many in the 70's and pre-USS Nimitz 80's got that second chance and went on to become fine Sailors and leaders of men.

But the rules changed to zero tolerance. And we followed them.

Compare the young enlisted Sailor in my story and the future officer in Phib's. One admits guilt, accepts responsibility, and asks to give it another try. The other lies and gets others to lie to cover up his error.

Who would you rather have on watch?


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